Crawford Co Sheriff's Office

200 W. Michigan Avenue

Grayling, MI 49738


The records section can be contacted Monday through Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Walk In - Sheriff's Office Lobby 

Telephone (989) 348-4616 see below for extension

or e-mail

Facsimile (989) 348- 6532

Civil Process

Please call (989) 348-4616 ext 214 or

walk in - Sheriff's Office Lobby

or email

Copies of Police Reports

You need to have the incident number i.e.; (20-9234-00)

or the date / time incident occurred and / or location occurred

Please contact our office for fee information

at (989) 348-4616 ext 214 or walk in - Sheriff's Office Lobby

or email:

Copies of reports CAN NOT be sent via Facsimile

or electronic mail.

Weapon Purchase Permits

Purchase Permits must be applied for in person during normal business hours

A criminal records check will be run through LEIN, NCIC, and NICS

You must take a 15 question written test on basic pistol safety

A Purchase Permit is $ 8.00 (Eight Dollars) non refundable

You have 10 (ten) days to purchase a weapon.  Once you have purchased the

weapon you must return the Agency and MSP copy of the license to purchase to

the Sheriff's Office, either by mail or in person, which will register your

handgun with the State of Michigan.  Effective January 7, 2009, the

Sheriff's Office no longer performs a safety inspection, due to a change in

Michigan legislation.  The purchaser portion of the license to purchase is

your proof of gun ownership.

To receive a purchase permit, you must be a legal resident of

Crawford County (excluding the City of Grayling)

Grayling City residents must apply for a permit through the Grayling Police Dept.

You must have a valid Michigan Drivers License or Personal ID 

Card issued by the Michigan Secretary of State's Office with a picture.

Basic Pistol Safety Pamphlets are available at the Sheriff's Office.

Please contact or stop in our office for information on Concealed Weapon Permits

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