Uniform House Numbering Ordinance

Crawford County Ordinance No. 86-1



In order to uniformly assign and maintain house numbers and provide for easy identification of those numbers for the various purposes and to promote the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the County of Crawford, the County of Crawford enacts its Uniform House Numbering Ordinance as follows:

Section 1:  THERE IS HEREBY CREATED the Crawford County Uniform House Numbering Ordinance.

Section 2:  Definitions as used in the Ordinance:

Section 2.1House Number shall mean the number assigned to consecutive intervals along a street or road pursuant to the Number Assignment Formula contained herein.

Section 2.2: The "Number Assignment Formula" as found herein is defined as follows:

     Beginning from the point of origin a house number shall be assigned for each interval, with each interval on the right hand side of the roadway as one leaves the point of origin being assigned an even number, and each interval on the left hand side as one leaves the point of origin being assigned an odd number. The numbers assigned shall increase consecutively by an increment of two (2) for each interval. Intervals shall run North, South, East and West or diagonally from the point of origin.

Section 2.3: As used herein, Primary Structure shall include but not be limited to: residential building, mobile home park, commercial building, industrial building, office building, public building, well, field pump, utility, lighted billboard, and lighted outdoor display / storage facility.

Section 2.4: "Interval" as used above means a distance along a roadway covered by this ordinance of 5.28 feet, there being 1000 intervals per mile (5,280 feet). Intervals of greater or lesser length than 5.28 feet may be determined by dividing the actual distance of the mile section by 1000.

Section 2.5: Point of Origin as used herein means the intersection of an East-West base line and a North-South base line from where all intervals begin. The North-South base line from where all intervals begin. The North-South, East-West intersection in Crawford County shall be the intersection of North Down River Road and Thendara Rd.

Section 2.6: Display as used herein is the manner the house number is affixed to a structure or otherwise displayed when affixing to a structure is not adequate visually so that it is readily identifiable pursuant to provisions of this Ordinance.

Section 2.7: Diagonal Roads as used herein, are roads whose course does not run in either an approximate North-South or East-West direction.

Section 3: House Number Display

Section 3.1: Display of House Number - Each primary structure shall display a house number. A house number shall not be displayed containing numbers less than 4 (four) inches in height. It shall be visible from the roadway named in the address, and all house numbers shall be in Arabic numerals.

Section 3.2: The Building and Zoning Department of Crawford County is hereby empowered to promulgate rules for house number display. Said rules shall be effective upon approval of the Crawford County Board of Commissioners.

Section 3.3:  The Building and Zoning Department shall furnish green approved number signs paid for and posted by the property owner.

Section 4: House Numbering System

Section 4.1: There is hereby created within the Department of Central Dispatch for Crawford County a House Numbering System. The Central Dispatch Address Technician shall be the director of the House Numbering System and shall draft rules and regulations for the operation of the House Numbering System and the assignment and placing of house numbers for all intervals along roadways emanating from the point of origin, including diagonal roads, pursuant to this Ordinance. Said rules and regulations shall be approved by the Crawford County Board of Commissioners before they take effect.

Section 4.2: The City of Grayling's house numbering system shall be used to number properties along the portions of the described road regardless of whether the property being numbered is located within the City's boundaries or within a township's boundaries.

     The City's house numbering system may also be used to number township properties along other streets and roads that border the city and extended into the townships.

Section 4.3: The House Numbering System Director shall cause to be created and maintain an accurate map of all roads within Crawford County and shall make house numbers available for each repository of said house number assignments.

Section 4.4: House numbers shall not be assigned along any public road until a name for said road has been approved by the Crawford County Road Commission. House numbers shall not be assigned along any unplatted private road or access easement of record where the name of said unplatted private road or access easement has not been registered with, and approved by, the County Road Commission.

Section 4.5: All road names shall be approved and adopted by the Crawford County Central Dispatch system and the Crawford County Road Commission.  All road names shall be consider permanent except for the following conditions:

            A: If a road name is found to be a duplicate name,

            B: If said road name creates a safety hazard for the property owner(s).

A road name change must be agreed upon by not less than 51% of the owners of property adjacent to the road and approved and adopted by the Crawford County Central Dispatch system and the Crawford County Road Commission.

Section 4.6: House numbers shall be displayed on temporary signage during work construction.

Section 4.7: Existing house numbers which do not comply with the Crawford County House Numbering System may be changed either at the request of the property owner or his or her agent(s) upon approval of the House Numbering Administration or such change may be initiated by the County. When a change is initiated by the County, the property owner shall be notified, in writing, 30 days prior to the time the new number shall become the official number for the interval(s) of the property in question.

Section 4.8: The Director shall, upon application by a land owner, assign a house number and approve the display; provided said display is consistent with the provisions for display as contained herein.

Section 4.9: Existing structures shall comply with this ordinance.

Section 5: Enforcement

Section 5.1: A person who violates the provisions of this Ordinance shall be punishable by a fine of not more than fifty ($50.00) dollars or imprisonment for not more than one (1) day, or both such fine and imprisonment.  Each day that a violation occurs shall be deemed a separate offense and/or civil infraction.  Zoning administrators of each municipality shall enforce this ordinance.

Section 5.2: Procedures to enforce this Ordinance may be commenced not sooner than fifteen (15) days after written notification by the Crawford County Building and Zoning Department.

Section 5.3: Prior to any building final certificates of completion being issued in all townships the approved address shall be verified as posted.

Section 5.4: Field inspectors shall report missing road signs to the numbering authority to advise the respective township to post.

Section 6: Except as otherwise provided herein this Ordinance shall affect only property located along roadways found in the unincorporated areas within the County of Crawford, and shall not be deemed effective as to property located within the boundaries of any incorporated village or city within Crawford County.

Section 7: No portion of this Ordinance shall be applied so as to interfere with the activities of any city, township or village, and should any application of the provisions of this Ordinance interfere with any affair of any city, village or township within Crawford County, said application shall be void and of no effect.

Section 8: Effective Date

Section 8.1: The effective date of this Ordinance shall be immediately upon the approval of the Governor of the State of Michigan, or should the Governor fail to approve same, upon final passage by the Crawford County Board of Commissioners, whichever shall first occur.


 Commissioner Rogers               Yes                              Commissioner Lange                Yes

Commissioner Hanson              Yes                              Commissioner Stephenson        Yes

Commissioner Pinkelman          Yes                              Commissioner Anderson           Yes

Commissioner Beardslee           Yes

 ADOPTED DATE:                  December 19, 2007

             I, Sandra Moore, Clerk of the Crawford County Board of Commissioners and Clerk of the County of Crawford, do hereby certify that the above Resolution was duly adopted by the said Board on December 19, 2007.

            IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said County and Court at Grayling, Michigan, this 19th day of December 2007.

______________________________                        ______________________________
Dave J. Stephenson, Chair                                            Sandra M. Moore
Crawford County Board of Commissioners                   County Clerk/Register of Deeds


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